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Gluten-Free Food and Tips for the Super Bowl

It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl, which for me (and I’m sure many of you) means it’s time to figure out what I’m going to feed the crowd. Typically, I crank out some nachos, the boys order a pizza, and we’re set. But when you or a fellow football fan is gluten-free, snacktime takes a bit more planning. Fortunately, blogs have been parading their gluten-free Super Bowl recipes and tips for the past week, so there are plenty of options to keep everyone happy.

If you’re looking to step up your game, try some of Chef Oonagh Williams’ gourmet Super Bowl recipes in NFCA’s Seasonal Gluten-Free Recipe Box.  Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Soup puts a new spin on the beloved dip, and by serving it in bowls you can avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Pair it with Oonagh’s Savory Cheesy Bread and no one will miss the gluten.

Gluten-Free Bread

Oonagh's Gluten-Free Savory Cheese Bread

For a more traditional feast, try Ranch Sliders, Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip, BBQ Chicken Pizza or Mini Mac & Cheese Cakes. Foodista also has a quick list of some classic and not-so-classic gluten-free Super Bowl recipes (where do you buy green sesame seeds?).

gluten-free pizza

Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza from our blogger friend ATX Gluten-Free!

Of course, you have to wash that all that food down. While I prefer to reach for a cider, beer drinkers in Colorado can rejoice in a new gluten-free option from New Planet Beer. The company unveiled Off Grid Pale Ale earlier this week. Anyone outside the distribution area can still swill a gluten-free brew (Redbridge and Bard’s are among the popular choices), and it looks like gluten-free Super Bowl attendees will be right there with them: New Planet’s blog reports that Cowboys Stadium is BYO when it comes to gluten-free goods.

Menu planned. Food purchased. Now the only question is, where’s the party at? If you’re hosting at home, you’ll probably have more control over cross-contamination risks. At a friend’s house, gluten particles could be lurking on something as harmless as a veggie plate. To help you avoid an unpleasant second half, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery posted some tips from a recent NFCA webinar. Keep these pointers in mind, especially when the party isn’t strictly gluten-free.

Got any tips or dips to share? Post a comment below!


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A Merry CliffMas in Philadelphia

While our work as a national organization is spent communicating with the general public, healthcare professionals and food industry experts across all 50 states, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has always had a special focus on the Philadelphia region given our headquarters location.

Anyone who is remotely familiar with major league sports knows that Philadelphia fans are special. We’re passionate, dedicated and fiercely loyal. (In fact, Whitney openly admits that one of her top daily Google searches is Cliff Lee, despite the trade to the Seattle Mariners in 2009. And Kristin? Her computer’s background is frequently home to a certain Phillies second base player).

Cliff Lee Daily News Cover

Whitney's Desk on Cliffmas Day!

So you can imagine our feelings when late Monday night the news broke that the Philadelphia Phillies made an offer to pitcher Cliff Lee. Our anxiety and excitement over the potential of Cliff Lee returning to Philadelphia was at an all time high. Rather than hitting the sack in preparation for a hard day’s work, we continued to email, text and phone one another into the wee hours of the morning. The possibility of the All-Star lefty returning to our hometown was just too much to bear. At the time, we compared it to waiting up for Santa in anticipation of our Christmas gifts.

Little did we know that in fact this night would become Christmas Eve for the Philadelphia region. Just after midnight it was announced that the Phillies had signed Lee for a five year deal. And for those fans that managed to get to bed on time, missing out on any Cliff Lee news, Christmas truly arrived 11 days early.

Now we REALLY can’t wait till July 8th – when NFCA hosts Celiac Awareness Night with the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Hopefully we will get to see Cliff Lee in action, mark your calendars and get ready to join us!

Merry Cliffmas.

-Whitney & Kristin

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