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Stealing a Base and Other Seized Opportunities

[As you know, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness staff members are big Phillies fans. So when one of our newest volunteers, Nadina Fraimow, told us she shared the same passion for sports, wellness and all things Phillies, we had to get her on board. Nadina will be sharing her gluten-free experience throughout the 2011 Phillies season.]

Stealing a Base and Other Seized Opportunities

A Phightin’ to Be Gluten-Free Blog

It’s time to Be-LEE-ve as Cliff Lee breaks his one month losing streak with a 2-0 shutout victory against the Texas Rangers.  Lee, ready to win, did just that on Saturday night when he threw 122 pitches in eight shutout innings, allowing simply 5 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks and 10 strike outs.

Lee was as much of a champion on the mound as on the bases, with a single and steal of second in the bottom of the 5th inning.  Stealing a base is no easy feat and requires a keen eye and “just go for it” attitude.  Lee spotted a wide open second and with encouragement from teammate Shane Victorino, he seized his opportunity to steal the base.

Seizing the opportunity is a good theme for all of us Phightin’ to be gluten-free. For me, I seized the opportunity to share my gluten-free journey as a guest blogger for NFCA with support from my family.

gluten-free cupcake party

The Baking Bunch

Speaking of family, my younger sister has recently embarked on a thoughtful and exciting senior project. As she has been with me every step of the way, she has taken Phightin’ to be gluten-free to a wonderful new level and tried to share any successful tips with her friends. Hoping to get her friends excited about gluten-free baking, and to develop her awareness-based senior project, my sister hosted a gluten-free cupcake party. It was a huge success, and we proved to our nongluten-free friends that living gluten-free can be just as tasty!

gluten-free cupcake

Wow, what a cupcake!

This past weekend, I enjoyed my version of a “Sex and the City” brunch with my close girlfriends at Parc in Rittenhouse Square.  I am always a little skeptical of my gluten-free options at restaurants that do not have separate gluten-free menus.  Fortunately, I have learned to figuratively “steal the base” by calling ahead of time to speak to the chef or manager about my gluten-free options.  Similar to my experience at the Pub of Penn Valley, my food preparation concerns quickly diminished when I learned Parc’s chefs in the kitchen were educated in gluten-free dining.  With my fabulous teammates, I was able to enjoy gluten-free French marinated chicken on top of fresh lettuce.  Note: In case of nut allergies, the chicken was cooked in olive oil infused with almonds. 

Brunch with girlfriends

Brunch with girlfriends

Following Lee’s lead, Ryan Howard ended his 23 game hitting slump with a solo home run, Ibanez scored a run from John Mayberry Jr.’s RBI single, and unsung hero Ryan Madson successfully closed the shutout.

As I look forward to celebrating Memorial Day weekend with my family and friends, and of course, watching the Phightin’ Phils beat the Mets at Citi Field during Celiac Awareness Night in New York, I can’t help but acknowledge my appreciation for the restaurant owners and their chefs in Philadelphia who are seizing the opportunity to make a commitment to serve the gluten-free community.


NFCA offers gluten-free restaurant training through the GREAT Kitchens program. To learn more, visit or email

*Get your tickets to NFCA’s Celiac Awareness Night at the Phillies and Celiac Awareness Night at the Mets (vs. the Phillies!) by visiting »

About Nadina:

Nadina Fraimow began volunteering with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) in April 2011, and will be happy to answer messages sent to the email account. Nadina learned that she has gluten sensitivity in February 2011, and is grateful for having been diagnosed promptly and correctly by a knowledgeable gastroenterologist. She enjoys running, shopping for gluten-free sweets, and creating recipes that are both tasty and healthy. Nadina is a Marketing and Communications professional living and working in Philadelphia. Nadina is also a proud Penn State alumna and an avid fan of the Phillies.


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A Blogger A Day: Gluten Free Fitness

A Blogger A Day, the Gluten-Free Way logoName: Erin Elberson Lyon

Blogs at:
Tweets at:
Like her at:
On the bookshelf: 7 Quick Start Tips to Living a Healthy Gluten Free Fit Life – Without Making Yourself Nuts in the Process. Available at

Why we’re fans: We met Erin when she completed NFCA’s GREAT Healthcare program for physical therapists, and she’s helped the cause ever since. She led one of NFCA’s webinars and has contributed tips to NFCA articles – including one about her own gluten-free wedding. On her blog, Erin posts products reviews, recipes and motivational tips to help you get your gluten-free butt in gear.

Erin Elberson Lyon

Erin Elberson Lyon

Erin’s Story: I was diagnosed with celiac disease after many years of GI problems.  Once diagnosed, I am now able to attribute many other medical issues to undiagnosed celiac.

According to Erin: The most unexpected part of going gluten-free was learning that people think white bread is safe because “Well, that’s not wheat!”

A taste of Gluten Free Fitness:

For more of NFCA’s Celiac Awareness Month celebration, visit

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A Blogger A Day: No Gluten, No Problem

A Blogger A Day, the Gluten-Free Way logoName: Pete Bronski
Lives in: Hudson Valley, NY

Blogs at:
Tweets at:
Like him at: Artisan Gluten-Free/No Gluten No Problem on Facebook
On the bookshelf: Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking, Artisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes (coming out June 1!)

Why we’re fans: Pete has a positive outlook that shouts restoring health and reclaiming life, and we all could take a few pointers. As one of NFCA’s Athletes for Awareness, Pete always has a new feat in sight, and it usually involves an extreme, life-fulfilling activity. Last year, Pete even ran a 50 mile race as a fundraiser for NFCA. On his blog, Pete and his wife, Kelli, share their favorite gluten-free recipes, which they’ve spun off into two (yes, two!) gluten-free cookbooks.

Pete and Kelli Bronski

Pete and Kelli Bronski

Pete’s Story: I have celiac disease (but no biopsy). Both of my young daughters are gluten sensitive, and we plan to have them formally tested. Our entire household – which also includes my wife, Kelli – is 100% gluten-free.

According to Pete: One of the most unexpected parts of going gluten-free was that, through a combination of factors, I stumbled into endurance racing, fell in love with it, and have far surpassed any previous athletic accomplishment from my gluten days pre-2007.

A taste of No Gluten, No Problem:

For more of NFCA’s Celiac Awareness Month celebration, visit

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