Five Easy Ways to Promote Celiac and Gluten-Free Awareness Using Social Media

June 30, 2011 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

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June 30 has been dubbed Social Media Day, and while some may scoff at celebrating the growth of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, you can’t deny the power of these sharing platforms. For the celiac and gluten-free community in particular, social media has picked up where doctors left off, providing practical advice and much-needed support for the gluten-free lifestyle.

Social media has also become a platform for change. The New Jersey Devils introduced more gluten-free concessions in response to pleas on Facebook and Twitter, while an online petition for gluten-free Girl Scout cookies has made national news.

So, how can we keep that momentum going? In honor of Social Media Day, here are some ways you can help the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) promote gluten-free initiatives via social media:

  1. Share NFCA’s Facebook page: The more fans we have, the more awareness we can spread and the more people we can help, especially in those first few months of diagnosis. So go ahead, click that Share button again and tell your friends why they should get informed.
  2. Join NFCA’s Cause page: It’s Facebook meets fundraising. NFCA’s Cause page allows you to show your support and gather donations to keep our goals on track. For an easy fundraiser, ask for donations in lieu of birthday gifts, and suggest that friends donate your age (i.e. $42 for your 42nd birthday). Collecting small donations each month can also add up over time.
  3. Forward NFCA’s e-newsletter to a friend: Information can be life-changing (we have the thank yous to prove it). Subscribe to our newsletter, then select “Forward to a friend” when it hits your inbox.
  4. Tweet about NFCA’s programs: Follow @CeliacAwareness and give us a shout out. Tweet about our Webinars, Gluten-Free Hot Products reviews, or why you think a restaurant should get gluten-free training through GREAT. Turn #FF into Funding Friday by tweeting a link to our Donate page, or tweet the Celiac Symptoms Checklist and encourage friends to get tested.
  5. Watch NFCA’s gluten-free cooking videos: Did you know NFCA has an online cooking series? Watch Alternative Appetites to get step-by-step instructions for fantastic gluten-free food. If you like a particular video, click on “YouTube” to visit our channel, then select Share and tell your friends.

What are some other ways you can help the cause through social media? What has been your biggest gluten-free social media success?

– Cheryl

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