A Blogger A Day: Gluten Free in Georgia

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A Blogger A Day, the Gluten-Free Way logoName: Ginger Carter Miller, PhD
Lives in: Georgia

Blogs at: gfingf.blogspot.com
Tweets at: www.twitter.com/GingerCM
Friend her at:

Why we’re fans: I met Ginger through Twitter, where she tweets supportive messages and spreads the word about important developments in the gluten-free world. On her blog, Ginger covers gluten-free happenings in her area, but also reviews products and shares recipes that can be enjoyed nationwide. Recently, Ginger had to cut back on blogging due to health issues, but she’s determined to get back on track this summer. It’s a prime example of the dedication and pride that these gluten-free bloggers put in to their work.

Ginger Miller

Ginger Carter Miller

Ginger’s Story: I heard about celiac disease 4 years ago from a student’s father who has just been diagnosed.  I realized the symptons fit my illness.  Without much knowledge of celiac except some reading, I went gluten-free on May 17, 2007, and have stayed on a strict gluten-free diet. I took the entire summer to make the transition, and I didn’t even try a gluten-free product for more than 2 months. I felt better within a couple of weeks.

A year later, my GI doctor tested me for celiac, and I still had flattened villi, though my bloodwork was (and still is) clean.  I am one of “those people” who will always have some sort of intestinal muscoses because I also have a diabetic neuropathy called gastroparesis, which really complicated the celiac disease.  I’ll always be gluten-free, though, no matter what.

[Note: It is recommended that you maintain a normal gluten-containing diet before getting tested for celiac. Going gluten-free prior to blood testing can alter results.]

I started my blog 4 years ago because I didn’t see anyone in the South converting southern “comfort” recipes into gluten-free recipes.  That was my original intention. I have a lot of recipes still valid and good on my blog.

According to Ginger: The most unexpected part of going gluten-free came with the beginning of my blog. I made an enormous number of new friends – kindred spirits – who understand what it means to be gluten-free.  And over the past year, as I’ve been fighting a new autoimmune disorder that is taking away my eyesight bit by bit, I’m finding it’s my gluten-free friends who provide so much of my moral support,  Through my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the Delphi Celiac forum, I’ve found a whole community of friends who mean a lot to me (and who have shown me great care).  I will always be grateful to them.

A taste of Gluten Free in Georgia:

For more of NFCA’s Celiac Awareness Month celebration, visit www.CeliacCentral.org/awarenessmonth.


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