Going the Distance

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[As you know, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness staff members are big Phillies fans. So when one of our newest volunteers, Nadina Fraimow, told us she shared the same passion for sports, wellness and all things Phillies, we had to get her on board. Nadina will be sharing her gluten-free experience throughout the 2011 Phillies season.]

Going the Distance

A Phightin’ to Be Gluten Free Blog

April celebrates great milestones, and this year is no exception. Among the highlights: my birthday, warmer weather and the Phightin’ Phils. Yes, Victorino’s inside-the park home run against the San Diego Padres was worthy of all my cheers and DVR replays. However, I am referring to the Phillies’ back-to-back complete games – a feat we haven’t seen since 1999, according to the Associated Press.  Cliff Lee pitched a 12-strikeout, three-hit shutout in a 4-0 victory over the Washington Nationals, precisely a day after Roy Halladay pitched nine victorious innings.

Today, Cliff Lee’s record is 2-2 after he gave up four runs on five hits over seven innings to take the 0-4 loss against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Much like Lee’s season thus far, my journey and fight for a healthy, happy gluten-free life includes both wins and losses.

gluten-free birthday dinner

Gluten-free birthday dinner at Distrito

My April success stories combine my love of family and delicious food/beverages, as I enjoyed two Passover Seders, a birthday dinner at Distrito and a cold brew at Citizens Bank Park. If you’re Phightin’ to be Gluten-Free like me, even a few gluten-free options can go a long way. For instance, my enjoyment (and that of my family) was elevated to a whole new level with gluten-free matzoh and cakes at our Passover Seders, Iron Chef Garces’ flavorful los karne beef, pollo and and nopales tacos at Distrito, and refreshing Redbridge gluten-free beer at Citizens Bank Park.

Gluten-free Los Tacos at Distrito

Gluten-free Los Tacos at Distrito

This month, Cliff Lee and I share an even ratio of wins to losses (a.k.a., my setbacks). The more serious moments along my journey included a stomach study at the Hospital University of Pennsylvania (HUP) and uncomfortable bloating episodes.

Shortly between Cliff Lee’s shutout against the Nationals and one of my setbacks, I read an article on espn.comwhere Lee shared: “I want to be a guy who throws complete games every time.  That’s not really realistic, but going into each game, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Gluten-free beer at Phillies game

Enjoying the Phillies game

Lee gets it. I get it. Now, it’s your turn. Sure, I want to be 100% healthy, happy and gluten-free every day. That may not be realistic, but going into each day, that’s what I’m striving to do – all season long!

– Nadina

*Get your tickets to NFCA’s Celiac Awareness Night at the Phillies and Celiac Awareness Night at the Mets (vs. the Phillies!) by visiting www.CeliacCentral.org »

About Nadina:

Nadina Fraimow began volunteering with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) in April 2011, and will be happy to answer messages sent to the info@celiaccentral.org email account. Nadina learned that she has a gluten sensitivity in February 2011, and is grateful for having been diagnosed promptly and correctly by a knowledgeable gastroenterologist. She enjoys running, shopping for gluten-free sweets and creating recipes that are both tasty and healthy. Nadina is a Marketing and Communications professional living and working in Philadelphia. Nadina is also a proud Penn State alumna and an avid fan of the Phillies.

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