Celiac Disease, Functional Medicine, and an Event For All

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I shuffled between five physicians (a mix of general practitioners and gastroenterologists) over the course of 4 1/2 years on my path to identifying the root cause of my fatigue and digestive distress. During this stretch of time, I left each doctor’s appointment feeling, for lack of a better word, compartmentalized. Each physician focused solely on my abdominal pain and discomfort, and couldn’t seem to connect all of the dots.

Celiac Disease Symptoms Checklist

NFCAs Celiac Symptoms Checklist - Helping others find the cause!

After a revolving cycle of trial diets, medical tests and procedures, and still no diagnosis, I began to sort my days by how well I could manage my symptoms. How close to a bathroom do I need to be? Do I have enough energy to do this? Should I be wearing a loose-fitting shirt today? (No joke! My stomach would stay distended for days).

It became increasingly clear that my providers were treating my symptoms rather than the actual root cause of my symptoms.  Once I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I realized just how fitting this description truly was. Sure, my energy skyrocketed after I eliminated gluten from my lifestyle, but what I found most fascinating was that my gut was healing simultaneously.

One day, early in the game of getting to know the gluten-free diet, I stumbled upon functional medicine, an approach defined as: “personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease.”

The idea of using the “patient’s story as a key tool” really spoke to me. I quickly became engrossed in reading anything I could get my hands on that discussed this patient-centered, whole-systems approach, and I have since remained just as interested.Should You Be Gluten-Free? Event

So you can imagine my excitement when Alice and I were introduced to Jill Shah, Founder and CEO of Jill’s List. An online directory, Jill’s List enables the health and wellness community to access the growing network of patients, practitioners and organizations in the field of Comprehensive Medicine. Read a Q&A about Jill’s List in NFCA’s April e-newsletter »

Our first phone call quickly turned into a brainstorm session of how Jill’s List and NFCA could work together, and in the weeks that followed, we put our ideas to paper.

The result: Should You Be Gluten-Free?, a live Q&A with celiac and gluten-free experts Dr. Mark Hyman, NY Times Best Selling Author and family physician; Jill Brack, Founder of Glow Gluten-Free Cookies; and Alice Bast, Founder and President of NFCA.

Join us on Wednesday, May 11th at 1pm EST as Jill Shah moderates a 60-minute discussion with these three panelists.All of us at NFCA are thrilled to have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and gluten-free at the center of what is sure to be a dynamic panel discussion.

With Jill’s List focusing on the “least invasive (yet effective) treatments for health conditions,” I couldn’t think of a better topic to join this repertoire of resources.

*To learn more about this event, see the listing in NFCA’s Upcoming Events»


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