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What is it like to be President and Founder of NFCA?  I must say that it’s a total blast. I’m a learner and a healer at heart, so I relish the opportunity to  come into work and take on chronic disease issues every day.

When I started NFCA, I was told I could never raise awareness of celiac disease because there was no pharmaceutical support from drug companies.  Well, my first thought was, Watch me. I wanted to ensure that gluten-free food was everywhere; I felt compelled to stop needless suffering; and I’m proud of the work NFCA is doing in both of those areas.

Alice Bast's shoes

Love these shoes!

Now, do I only think about celiac disease?  No… I have lots of outside interests. I love sports and exercise, especially hiking.  I enjoy being in nature, and I love to have fun!

But celiac disease always is in the back of my mind. Take this weekend for instance. I’ll start with Sunday night and work backwards…

Look to the right. Those shoes? They’re mine. I love to make a statement, and these turned out to be quite a conversation starter at my buddy Dick Moberg’s birthday party last Sunday. People kept coming up to comment on my shoes. But did the conversation end there? Nope.  Needless to say, I somehow managed to hand out every “Do I Have Celiac?” brochure that I had in my purse.

Army Navy Game

Go Navy!

Sometimes, that’s the best way to spread the word: a casual conversation and–Bam!–someone knows someone who might have celiac disease and, yes, they’d like to snag a brochure.

On Saturday, I attended the Army/Navy football game in Philadelphia. (I know, I know. It’s been a sport-astic week for NFCA.) My dad attended the US Naval Academy, Class of 1949, so we attend the Army/Navy game each year. Unfortunately, he died of cancer (another reason why I’m so vested in disease prevention), but we like to carry on the family tradition.

Gluten-Free Fish

Whole branzino

This year, we won!  Yippie! My favorite part, though, may have been the goat. No, not a real goat. The mascot.

After the game on Saturday, I had a fabulous dinner that was – you guessed it – gluten-free and healthy!

I ordered a whole branzino that was served tableside. So delicious. So nutritious. I challenge anyone to eat a meal like this and still say gluten-free doesn’t taste good.

Prepared gluten-free fish


I’m a staunch believer in the fact that our environment, especially our food supply, is tightly connected to our overall health and well-being.  Our society puts heavy emphasis on medications and prescriptions, but I believe treatment can also come on a plate.

And if that plate is speckled with sauce and capers, well, bring it on.

So, to summarize… My name is Bast, I have a blast, and I like bass!


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